Tuesday, 19 April 2011

My favourite Bumper Sticker!

My favourite bumper sticker is:  
A woman who strives to be like a man, has no ambition in life!

I love that.  I am not a feminist but I am also no doormat.  I can more than stand up for myself, thank you and anyway, I need my bra!  I just find it interesting in looking back how different my life has turned out from how I could imagine it being.  For example, in my home when I was growing up, my mother wore the pants in the house.  She dealt out the punishment and made sure everything ran smoothly.  I dont blame her entirely.  My father could have done with a backbone!  I love them both.  Neither are saved, neither wants to know anything about church, and neither can see that my life is blessed because of the Lord.  I have been born-again since I was 14yrs old.  So, with that as my example, you would have thought I'd be career oriented.  And for a season, I was.  I went to university, but studied something my mother would have loved to study, given the opportunity.  It was not what I wanted out of life, so I left 2/3's of the way through the 1st year.  I then joined the Air-force.

I met my husband there.  He had a career there so I left and went into the corporate world.  He finally left a few years later and started his own business.  When we first started dating, we chatted about being christians, and how we had both back-slid and went the following Sunday to church and rededicated our lives to the Lord.  We are both stubborn, neither of us wants to give in first at times but thank the Lord we have made it thus far.  This year we are married 23 years and all the hard times we have been through have made our marriage stronger.

I am way off the point of my bumper sticker.  What I have learnt about myself over the years is that I have no problem with my husband being the head of the home, spiritually or otherwise.  I have no problem being a stay at home mom.  I did in the beginning because I felt being at home was a burden to him.  But he WANTED me to be at home!  I think that my children are partly who they are today because they had the benefit of their mom at home.  My mom worked full time my whole childhood.  I can't say that I thought I missed anything.  In fact, in the holidays, I could not wait for her to go to work so I could loaf around without her telling me to clean-up, etc.  I have no problem submitting in general.  I believe God gave us a voice, we are entitled to our opinion, but ultimately your husband, as head of the home needs to make the final decision as God holds him accountable.  There are times when I fight my ground but its the same old problem I have always had.  I defend, defend, defend, instead of letting God be my defence.  So I make it worse.  But thats a posting for another day.

There is power in being in the position God has for us as wives.  In Elizabeth George's book, A woman after God's own heart, she says that she would rather take responsibility for following than for leading.  God created our men to be leaders.  And they are better leaders when we are better followers. There are those circumstances where that gets altered but I am talking of the norm.  Also, there is a spiritual law that comes into play when you do things God's way, He blesses.  He blesses you for your obedience, He blesses your husband for his obedience and He blessed your children because of your (plural) obedience.  Maybe we don't see it straight away.  Maybe you only see the benefits years from now.  But God's way is the best and only way to be the best woman/wife you can be.

My encouragement to you is to enjoy living in a man's world.  Its great to be a woman.  We can wear a skirt or pants without raising eyebrows (although today its getting abit weird out there).  But the ultimate prize is living life as a woman of faith in God's order as He knows best!

Prov 31 v 30:  Charm is deceitful and beauty is vain, but a who who fears the Lord, she shall be praised.

god bless

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  1. I am missing seeing you in the parking lot. reading your blog posts is a little like the chats we used to have but not quite as satisfying. I agree with you whole heartedly.



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