Wednesday, 23 March 2011

My First Blog ever!

I have no idea what I am doing but have had a desire on my heart for a long time to blog as a christian woman.  My hope is to encourage other women as I have been encouraged.  I have called my blog "My daily walk in His grace!" because for me I could not cope without the knowledge that daily God forgives us and daily He restores us when we turn to Him for forgiveness and restoration.  Amazing grace!

His way is the only way on this path for me.  Daily I mess up and daily I need to come before Him, and His mercy and grace, both unmerited and undeserved, are available to me and any other person who has given their lives and hearts to the Father through Jesus Christ.

We as a family have gone through many things over the years and when you look back, you see how gracious God has been.  I think that is why David often wrote and sang of what God had done for him and is forefathers.  He took them out of Egypt, He parted the sea to save them from Pharoah.  He brought them out of captivity, He gave them Jericho and took them to the promised land, etc.  Its encouraging and gives hope for the future.  So, anyway, we now live on this property which we feel God has given us and we wanted to give it an appropriate name for how we feel about the things God has done for us and is still doing.  So I started browsing through the index in my bible and saw this name, El Hanan.  It means God is gracious or God has been gracious.  For us, its a constant reminder that no matter how you feel today, 'look what God has done for you and look what He has saved you from'.  Imagine how things may have turned out WITHOUT God!  Its also a testimony because people ask what it means and we can witness to them how God delivered us from the things that have been hard and testing for us.

I suppose my encouragement for anyone viewing this blog is do as David did and verbalise what God has done for you and saved you from.  It gives you hope in your current situation to know that God has a plan and although you cannot see what He is doing behind the scenes, rest in the knowledge that HE IS DOING SOMETHING. 

Let me end my 'first blog ever' with this scripture:  Romans 8 v 28:  And we know that all things work together for the good of those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.

God bless


  1. This is pretty

  2. Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging, may your life be enriched by it, even as your heart is to bless others by the words of your testimony. Wish I could just get a cup of tea with it.



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